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It's been too long!

Holy cow where did the last month and a bit go? It's not that I am not up to much, or just not talking to you lot. It's more I am up to far too much and just haven't got the time or spoons to update this thing. My Facebook friends will know that I occasionally post choice non sequiturs but thats really no good for the rest of you.

Biggest time sink is my new course. I am studying level 5 of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (see, I've grabbed your interest already!) which involves travelling down to Bristol every month. I do love Bristol and luckily an old college friend/ex moved there and has been showing me the various and numerous watering holes in the city. His partner is a hoot too! And thanks to him I have been able to get in touch with someone else from my Leicester days so all good there! I had my first exam at the end of January and thought it wasn't too bad, although I don't get my results til April. Another exam next month though! D:

Very busy at work as my other assistant left for pastures new at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Not that there will be much difference in workload of course. But it does mean that I can't get anyone to do filing or background work while I am fending off pointless tasks from HQ. Also I keep getting dragged over to Catterick for pointless meetings. Very annoying when they then complain that I haven't done some work.

Good weekend this weekend. I got back from Bristol late Friday thanks to an accident on the M1. Then Saturday was my friend Sarah's Blessingway. I did the guided meditation for it which I hope went well. Then we ate, and she had cooked plenty! Lovely stuffed potato skins and quiches, and lovelier cupcakes and lime meringue pie for pud! Then a most enjoyable evening with M. Today, as I still had the car, me and Mum went to Beningbrough Hall for a quick stroll around the Portrait Gallery and gardens. A load of washing tonight and I am feeling very virtuous. Obviously, that won't last. >:)


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